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My RV Notes is a system that allows you to log information about your RV Trips, RV Equipment and RV Club Memberships for future off-line reference. You know, those small pieces of information that you really do not think about until you desperately need them in a moment of crisis.

The system does this by providing an RV Notebook with the ability to capture points of information while on the Web and with the ability to move that data down to native applications on iOS and Android for off-line reference with no network or cellular connection required once the data is synchronized.

The system also allows for the capture of information on the iOS and Android applications and provides the ability to synchronize the changed content back up to the web site.

The Notes that the system allows you to create and manage are small pieces of pertinent informaiton. Since the content is relatively small we chose to present the content in the form of cards. Cards of like attributes are displayed in Card Decks. All implementations of Card Decks and Cards share the same functional attributes so once you learn one, you have learned them all.

An example Trip Card Deck follows. Attention is drawn to the top of the Card Deck where you will see the following filter options.

Active RV Trips Completed RV Trips All RV Trips

Trips can be Active or Completed, Equipment can be Active or Retired and Clubs can be Active or Terminted. Using these filter options you can control what cards are displayed in the Card Deck.

Herkimer Spring 2018

Start Date:5/25/2018
End Date: 5/28/2018
Additional Info:

Manage Site Notes 1

Manage Points Of Interest Notes 3

Manage Reservation Notes 1

Manage Expense Notes 1

Manage General Notes 1

Gorham Spring 2018

There are two types of cards in the system. Primary Cards and Secondary Cards. The Trip Cards that you see above are examples of Primary Cards. Primary Cards have four sections, a header which contains the title such as "Herkimer Spring 2018", a data section which displays the cards data points, a link section which allows you to view the secondary card decks associated with the card and a card footer which contains the Edit and Delete icons.

Secondary cards have only 3 sections. A header section, a data section and a footer. Since they are secondary cards they do not have a link section.

The card decks for the secondary cards have a link at the bottom of the deck that will re-direct you back to the Primary Card Deck.

We worked hard to make the user interface easy to use and we invite you to press the buttons below to take a tour of the site and see for yourself.

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Now that you have completed a tour of the site, we encourage you to apply for a membership. Memberships are $20.00 USD a year and do not automatically renew. We will email a reminder to you to renew your membership 60 days and 30 days before your membership is due to expire.

Press the Membership button below to begin the registration process and we thank you for your interest in MyRVNotes.com


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