Who - What - Why

Who are we:

My name is Ed, the better half is Karen and our kid has four legs and is named Coco.

We purchased our first RV in August of 2017 and have been hooked on the RV lifestyle ever since.

As we rambled about Upstate NY we discovered that the people who enjoy the RV lifestyle are some of the most friendly and helpful people you could ever want to meet.

During the winter of 2017 we decided that in the summer of 2018 I would take a long weekend each month and we would take the RV and go someplace special/different so I started planning those trips.

As I was planning these trips I found myself using a Note application on my laptop to record information that was pertinent to the trip.

The only problem that I had was the information was on my laptop and if I needed to reference it, I had to print it and take the paper with me.

How 1970s is that!

So I said to myself. "Self", there must be an app for this.

As I searched around Google Play I discovered that there were generic note applications but none that really filled the need that I had.

I needed to be able to record Notes on my laptop as I was planning and then have those Notes synchronized to my mobile devices so that they were readily available to me when needed.

I also wanted to be able to create new Notes or modify existing Notes on the mobile devices and have those changes be available on my laptop.

Furthermore, I wanted my Notes to be in a template so that I did not have to try and remember what the content should be for a particular type of Note.

Much to my suprise, I was not able to find an application that fullfilled all of my criteria.

Since I am a professional software engineer by trade and seeing what I believed was a need, I designed and created MyRVNotes.com and the associated native applications for Android and iOS.

What MyRVNotes is:

MyRVNotes is a respository for small pieces of information about your RV lifestyle that from time to time you may need.

This may seem silly but there are a number of Note types in the system that we hope you never need to use.

We truly hope that you never need to open the Roadside Assistance Notes, nor the Equipment Warranty Notes nor the Equipment Insurance Notes but if you do, the info you need will be readily available on your mobile device.

We hope that you never need to use your Site Reservation notes and that every time you arrive at a camping resort, you can register without issue.

We also hope that you never need to use your Reservations Notes to prove to a dining establishment that you did indeed have reservations for tonight.

As you plan your trip, you will invariably encounter places to go and things to see. You can use a Points of Interest Note associated with your Trip note to record those so you do not forget them.

You can track maintenance activities and repairs to a given piece of equipment so that you have a record of those activities on hand.

Create a dealer note so that all of the pertinent information you need to contact sales or service is readily available to you when you need it.

The same goes for Roadside Assistance Notes and Insurance Notes.

It is all there on your device and readily available to you when and if you need it.

What MyRVNotes is not:

MyRvNotes is not a travel blog for you to place your pictures and comments about the trip to share with your friends and family.

MyRvNotes is not a maintenance journal that tracks your maintenance schedule and provides notifications when a particular maintenance activity is due.

Here are the Note types that can be created and synchronized to your mobile devices:

Site Reservatons
Points Of Interest (POI)
General Note
Dealer Informaton
Warranty Informaton
Insurance Information
Roadside Assistance Information
Maintance Activities
Useage (Hours/Miles)
Club Memberships

Thanks for stopping by and we invite you to take an Orientation Tour so that you can become familiar with what the site has to offer.

After your tour we hope that you found MyRVNotes.com useful enough want to become a member.

A yearly membership fee is $20.00 USD and we invite you to join our family of RV Note Takers.